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The Sacral Chakra

Diving Into The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is our center of creativity, pleasure, sensuality, sexuality, feelings & emotions. Located at the naval / belly button; the sacral center is the second of the seven main chakras of the human energy field.

The energy of the sacral chakra is all about movement, flow & connection. When this chakra is balanced and healthy we feel: worthy, passionate, playful, joyful and connected to our emotions + desires. Life feels abundant and fertile.

Thus, this chakra is directly connected to our relationship with ourselves and how much enjoyment we experience in life. In turn, the quality of relationship we have with our self will effect the quality of relationships we have with others. Our intimate relationships are a mirror to our emotional well-being.

Consequently, with unbalanced sacral energy you may feel: insecure, unworthy, withdrawn, tense, emotionally unstable, depressed, unfulfilled & uninspired. Prolonged imbalances to the sacral center can lead to reproductive issues, sexual dysfunction, unhealthy relationship dynamics, isolation, lack of creative inspiration and even addiction.

Fulfillment Must Come From Within

If we do not experience fulfillment from within, we begin to look outside of ourselves to fill this void. Rather than masking an undesired emotion with a relationship, substance or something outside of ourself, the sacral chakra asks us to lean into these emotions and express them through movement and creativity. In short, consciously channelling our energy in a way that makes you feel good, inside and out! The sacral chakra asks us to cultivate feelings of wholeness and satisfaction by connecting in with our inner child. The secret is allowing yourself to explore life and play.

The sacral chakra is very closely linked with the root chakra. Therefore, when engaging in activities that light up our creative spark, we must find a happy balance between creating (which is sacral energy) and resting (which is root energy). Striking this fine balance is what sets you up for living a life that is in alignment with your deepest desires.

Holding onto feelings of guilt is the main blocker of the sacral chakra. Thus, when allowing ourselves to indulge in the luxuries of life & what makes us feel alive, we must learn to release any feels of guilt that we attach to this. You are worthy of feeling and experiencing pleasure every single day in your life & it is your responsibility to cultivate those feelings from within.

Our Feelings Act As A Compass

Additionally, the sacral chakra is the gateway to our gut instincts. By working with the energy of the sacral chakra, we strengthen our connection with our internal compass. When we are in tune with our emotions, they help to make sense of our direction in life and where we can make adjustments to come back into alignment with ourselves. Our feelings tell us what is going on underneath the surface. We can use our feelings as a compass to help guide us when making decisions and taking action in life.

In conclusion, we can work with the energy of the sacral chakra to build healthy boundaries, strengthen our emotional intelligence, adapt to change + create a strong sense of self worth and purpose.

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Sanskrit Name: Svadhisthana

Location: Naval / Belly Button

Energy Drain: Guilt

Color: Orange

Element: Water

Develops: 6 Months – 2 Years

Gland: Reproductive

Body: Reproductive Organs, Urinary Tract, Kidneys, Hips, Lower Back, Pelvis

Function: To Feel / Have Pleasure

Healing Crystal: Carnelian

Healing Frequency: 417 Hz

Daily Healing Practices for Balancing:

  • Move Your Body! Walking, Free Form Dance, Kundalini / Flow Yoga, Swimming, Pole Dancing are great ways to awaken and nourish your sacral energy.
  • Set & maintain healthy boundaries in all of your relationships. (Example: work, family, friends, intimate partners, etc.)
  • Indulge In what brings you pleasure + what makes you feel good inside.
  • Self reflection in front of a mirror. (Example: repeat the below Sacral Affirmations while gazing deep into your eyes in front of a mirror).
  • Massage / indulge in regular self care practices that pamper your body + soul.
  • Run yourself a sensual bath with flowers and oils.
  • Therapy / Inner Child Work / Reiki.
  • Painting, drawing, photography (anything creative that you can immerse yourself in for enjoyment).
  • Allow yourself to feel your feelings.
  • Channel your energy / pain into a passion.
  • Explore your sensuality + sexuality.
  • Intimacy work with a partner (gazing into each others eyes).
  • Keep a journal.
  • Meditate / reflect on your feelings.

Sacral Chakra Affirmations

I am a powerful goddess.

I am worthy of everything that I desire.

I am in tune with my feelings & emotions.

I am a sensual being and I embrace my sexuality.

I prioritize what makes me feel fulfilled + what makes me feel alive.

I respect my body and maintain healthy emotional boundaries.

I love myself completely and I know what I deserve.

I allow myself to feel all my feelings.

I send love to my younger self.

I allow my inner child to create + play.

I explore life with a childlike wonder.

I turn my pain into passion.

I dance with life.

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