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    You can be located anywhere in the world to schedule your Online Reiki Appointment

    REQUIRED: Internet connection, access to a computer or smart phone + email.

    Long Distace Reiki Session Sacred Passage Healing

    Online Reiki Energy Healing


    1) Intro: We connect face to face virtually at the beginning of the session to get acquainted and go over a simple self guided meditation/visualization tecnique that you can use during the Reiki portion of the session to help you focus and relax.

    *You are welcome to provide information regarding your reason for booking in the Comments section of the booking page, and I will tailor the meditation/visualization to your intention for the session. 

    2) Reiki / Relaxation: The Reiki portion is completed with the video session on mute, while you listen to relaxing music via a link that is provided.

    3) Reflection: When the Reiki portion is complete, I unmute the video call and walk you back into present moment with my voice. We then complete the Session Overview along with the Tarot + Oracle card reading for additional guidance.

    * You will have the opportunity to discuss anything that came up for you in the session if you wish to.

    You will receive:

    – Distance Reiki Energy Healing

    – Session Overview: Chakra, Auric Field & Meridian Cleansing + Reading

    – Self guided Meditation/Visualization technique & link to music for helping you achieve a level of deep relaxation

    – Tarot + Oracle Card Reading (5 card pull) for additional guidance

    – Physical, Emotional, Mental + Spiritual Support 

    60 Minutes: 80 CAD